Some lovely bits of life

My dream is to be writing blog posts every day. Each one reflecting the simplicity and complexity of life, my research and my everyday practices.

Never mind. In this milieu of mine it doesn’t work out that way. Yet.

In the meantime, let me tell you a lovely thing. Today I excitedly opened my second lovely package of goodies. Red wine from Casa Ermelinda, white wine of Encostas do Enxoé, grão de café coberto de chocolate negro, and manteiga de amendoim from Aljezur were some of what were in the package.

I’ve started an arrangement with Fugas Lusas, the shop of a dear friend and ex-colleague of mine, which offers delicious and wonderful things from Portugal. Our agreement is that every week he makes me a surprise package of goodies with things he knows I like PLUS surprises. I give him feedback about it which makes the next package an even better one with the updated things he knows about me PLUS more surprises.

The 25 € a week I pay for my package doesn’t include the joy I get in having someone share in the simplicities and complexities of my life and everyday practices.

~ por Rogério Silveira em Terça-feira 25 Setembro, 2007.

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